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1 - What is Refurbishd products

Refurbishd products are previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Refurbishd products are normally tested for functionality and defects before they are sold. It is repaired at our state of the art repair facility where we check each an every functions related to device hardware and software. 

2 - What does your warranty cover

All products sold at Refurbishd.com comes with a 6 Month Limited Warranty, unless a different period is specified in the product name or description. Our warranty is identical to the provisions and limitations of the manufacturer's warranty. The warranty period starts from the date of shipment.

Repair cost of parts and labor are fully covered, if the product has manufacturing fault during the warranty period

3 - What payment method you accept

We accept payment online by all major credit card through secured payment gateway. It is 100% secure, with 3D Secure technology. You always receive a verification code from your bank on your mobile phone in order to finalize the transaction. If your payment is not validated despite 3D Secure being activated on your card, please check with your bank.

4 - Can i get my order refund

Its absolutely OK to change your mind, we will refund you full amount within 14 days of you receiving the product. 

5 - What are the delivery time

We ship products within 48 hours after payment validation

6 - What happens when my order get lost on the way

We use world renowned shipping company i.e. FedEx, DHL, UPS to ship, however things can go wrong in some rare situation. We will follow closely with shipping company and if within 15 days its being resolved we will reimburse you.

7 - Do you ship internationally

Yes we can effectively ship all over the world except to those countries under international trade embargo

8 - what is the box

Handset, USB Cable Charger, Wired Ear Pods

9 - Your price is inclusive of VAT

Yes our price is inclusive of charges i.e. Import duty, VAT etc.

I have already placed an order

1 - I want to track my order

All our orders can be tracked by FedEx/DHL/UPS tracking number which we provide upon shipping the order

2 - I want refund

If your purchase is within the condition of refund period which is 14 days from the date your received the product, kindly contact us with the order details and upon successful validation your refund will be processed

3 - Delivery Problem (late order / lost order)

The delivery time is indicated on each product page. It is always calculated in working days.

If the package takes more time than expected to arrive, do not panic:

Contact our customer support by email with your order details and you will get an update within 24 hours